Ghostwriting: Matchmaker’s Online Profile

People are obsessed with and enamored by love. Luckily, for satisfied and smitten prior clients, as well as current relationship-seeking ones, these love-crazed people include me.


I am a romantic and a realist; I’ve got a matchmaker’s heart with a headhunter’s mentality. I may work with a smile – in fact, I’m almost always in good spirits – but I take my job very seriously. After all, I am providing you with the most meaningful introduction of your life.


When we work together, I will listen to your hopes and expectations with veracity and then scrupulously search for those who will suit you best. I am dedicated to finding you your match, someone you can relate to; desire; count on; grow with and enjoy. But I also realize that a genuine and lasting connection takes more than a profile, a blind date or a chance meeting. I specialize in finding my single, selective, and professional clients that special someone who will make them a more fulfilled person. I’m not haphazardly choosing just anyone for a date or two, I am handpicking people who very well might be your final first date.


Since 1996, I’ve successfully headhunted over 300 compatible partners for my clients; 217 of which resulted in marriage.


I credit this professional success, and my clients’ happily ever afters, to the following attributes and facts, a few of which are rooted in my previous career as a Sheriff Deputy:

  • We all have layers – I’ll reveal yours.
  • I began a career in matchmaking long before the web started playing cupid.
  • I believe in love.
  • I respect that people are picky, because I’m selective, too.
  • I regard my responsibilities as a matchmaker much like I did as an expert pistol and rifle marksman in the Sheriff’s Department – if I don’t get it right the first time, which is highly unlikely, I am personally committed to trying a great deal harder the second time. Your heart matters to me.
  • To that end, I never give up.
  • I’m highly accessible. When you curiously shoot me an email, I reply. When you muster up the courage to give me a call, I’m the voice on the other end of the line.
  • After nearly two decades of finding my clients “the one,” I still enjoy what I do.
  • As a Deputy, I committed my life to protecting the citizens of my town. Nowadays, I fiercely protect hearts. The fulfillment this gives me is indescribable.

That’s enough about my success; let’s get to chatting about yours! I’m eager to get to know you – to find you the person who will share all your tomorrows – so reach out if you want to chat about matchmaking, law enforcement or love.

Ghostwriting: Real Estate – Good vs Great

Scottsdale, Arizona has been coined the “Most Livable” city, and just about every resident will nod their head in agreement when they cruise past the eastern and western city line signage touting this remarkable claim. Pondering what sets Scottsdale apart from other Phoenix cities?  Quite honestly and unabashedly, there are several reasons – including the nicety of clean, navigable streets and purple mountain views speckled with water bottle clad hikers in pursuit of a fresh perspective  – but today, it’s one local small business that inspired this idea of good vs great in real estate terms, and will hopefully inspire our listing pursuit.

The city of Scottsdale originated in Old Town Scottsdale, located towards the southern end of the city, in 1888. It was Indian Trading Posts, citrus groves, and wide open space back then.  Today, Old Town residents and tourists enjoy diverse, delicious dining options; a higher concentration of art galleries, studios, and museums within walking distance to one another than anywhere else in the valley; an eclectic entertainment industry including bars, nightclubs, theater, special events and festivals; and a gym that not only whips your physique into better shape, but it motivates your mind to be better, too.
Amenzone, a local gym founded by a Belgium-born and West African-raised man named Amen Iseghohi, uses tires for physical fitness training and mental motivation.  Picture this: you’re squatting over tires; lifting tires; tossing tires; lunging with tires; tug-o-war-ing with tires; developing a love / hate relationship with your tire; and just when you hope that there’s nothing else your inexplicably strong and inventive instructor can dream up, he or she says, “Put your tires away,” and closes the sweaty class with a positive message – this is the love part of the tire relationship.
A recent message was simple, yet spoke to me in a big way: Good versus great.  The Monday morning instructor said that we can be good at things, which is, well, good.  Or we can strive to be great – which is, of course, better.  This got me thinking about real estate.  I feel much more fulfilled when I am able to do a great job for my clients, and my clients love their new home that much more when it’s a great property.
So what sets a good property apart from a great one?  Tons of reasons, which will be different for all sorts of people, but these three greats conquer that mediocre good for even the most discerning home-hunter.
No joke, I recently ran out of gas in 112 degree weather while on my way to an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Luckily I was in Arcadia, a neighborhood nestled comfortably in-between eastern Phoenix and western Scottsdale, just south of Camelback Mountain.  The great majority of Arcadia homes are ranch style and famously detailed with well-appointed entry ways, coordinated shutters, and irrigated lawns that are lush and landscaped with care.  I have the great fortune of selling real estate across the valley, but this part of town happens to be my favorite.
It’s something about the way it really feels like a neighborhood.  Folks sit out front on their benches and truly Arcadian Adirondack chairs, kids play in the streets and sell lemonade on the weekends, and forget the sugar – you can borrow a few gallons of gas when you’re on E.  A long time Arcadia resident and muscle car enthusiast, whom I’d never met before, generously offered up his “premium gasoline” when my bike exerted its last bit of power in front of his home, because he considered me a “neighbor in need.”  In my experience, a great neighborhood consists of character and community – Arcadia has plenty of both.
Arcadia may have set the mold, but these communities have great neighborhoods, too:
  • Arcadia Lite
  • Old Town
  • Biltmore
A lot of my buyers are down with upgrades.  Who can blame them?  A shiny space with all the bells and whistles of custom, upgraded stainless steel appliances, high-end flooring, built-out his and her closets, vaulted ceilings, a formal foyer, three and four-car garages, and several other design details that kept the homeowner in mind is certainly appealing.  You’ll enjoy christening your gourmet kitchen with home-cooked meals and enhancing smooth walls with nail holes to house your framed memories.  Great upgrades like these are common in properties found in:
  • DC Ranch
  • Grayhawk
  • Ancala
When home shopping, we often make a list of must-haves.  For those who won’t compromise on having a view, and I cant say I blame you at all, Scottsdale and its surrounding towns have a number of picturesque communities that your gaze will appreciate:
  • Paradise Valley = Camelback Mountain, Mummy Mountain, Downtown Phoenix
  • Arcadia = Camelback Mountain, Papago Park
  • Biltmore = Downtown Phoenix, Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak
  • Carefree (which is actually north of Scottsdale, but too beautiful not to mention) = Black Mountain, most of Phoenix
  • McDowell Mountain Ranch = McDowell Mountains
  • Troon = Pinnacle Peak Mountain
You deserve a great home.  Give me a call today and we’ll find it!