Ghostwriting: Matchmaker’s Online Profile

People are obsessed with and enamored by love. Luckily, for satisfied and smitten prior clients, as well as current relationship-seeking ones, these love-crazed people include me.


I am a romantic and a realist; I’ve got a matchmaker’s heart with a headhunter’s mentality. I may work with a smile – in fact, I’m almost always in good spirits – but I take my job very seriously. After all, I am providing you with the most meaningful introduction of your life.


When we work together, I will listen to your hopes and expectations with veracity and then scrupulously search for those who will suit you best. I am dedicated to finding you your match, someone you can relate to; desire; count on; grow with and enjoy. But I also realize that a genuine and lasting connection takes more than a profile, a blind date or a chance meeting. I specialize in finding my single, selective, and professional clients that special someone who will make them a more fulfilled person. I’m not haphazardly choosing just anyone for a date or two, I am handpicking people who very well might be your final first date.


Since 1996, I’ve successfully headhunted over 300 compatible partners for my clients; 217 of which resulted in marriage.


I credit this professional success, and my clients’ happily ever afters, to the following attributes and facts, a few of which are rooted in my previous career as a Sheriff Deputy:

  • We all have layers – I’ll reveal yours.
  • I began a career in matchmaking long before the web started playing cupid.
  • I believe in love.
  • I respect that people are picky, because I’m selective, too.
  • I regard my responsibilities as a matchmaker much like I did as an expert pistol and rifle marksman in the Sheriff’s Department – if I don’t get it right the first time, which is highly unlikely, I am personally committed to trying a great deal harder the second time. Your heart matters to me.
  • To that end, I never give up.
  • I’m highly accessible. When you curiously shoot me an email, I reply. When you muster up the courage to give me a call, I’m the voice on the other end of the line.
  • After nearly two decades of finding my clients “the one,” I still enjoy what I do.
  • As a Deputy, I committed my life to protecting the citizens of my town. Nowadays, I fiercely protect hearts. The fulfillment this gives me is indescribable.

That’s enough about my success; let’s get to chatting about yours! I’m eager to get to know you – to find you the person who will share all your tomorrows – so reach out if you want to chat about matchmaking, law enforcement or love.

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